Your Success, your story

We cordially thank the team at Womenbiz for their interview with our cofounder Ase.  As a leading platform for the exchange and promotion of women...

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4 Ways to Reduce Your Fashion Footprint & Create a More Sustainable Wardrobe

We all love the elation of buying a beautiful new addition to our wardrobe. A new jacket, purse, or set of earrings can brighten up...

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dyeing ecotanning handmade leathertanning luxury natural Slow Fashion

How to Care for Naturally Tanned Leather

A high quality, low-impact product that only gets better with age, naturally tanned leather bags are designed to be loved for years and then repurposed...

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Chrome Tanned Leather vs Vegetable Tanned Leather In Fashion

From bags and belts to footwear and clothing, leather products in the fashion industry have long been associated with luxury. But how these products are...

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Buying Handmade: The Importance of Ethically Crafted Handbags

In a market dominated by mass production, handcrafted objects stand out in elegance and ingenuity.  One-of-a-kind, they can hold a timeless beauty, and such is...

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How You Can Adopt a Circular Economy Mindset In Fashion

The core of a circular economy overall rests on the principle of natural raw materials returning to the economy as often as possible. When it...

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Our Guide To Sustainable & Natural, Plant-Based Leather Tanning

Today, almost all leather that is processed worldwide is chrome-tanned, even though chromium has been assessed as one of the top 6 toxic threats for...

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Circular Design Circular Fashion Slow Fashion

Natural Nuance's Commitment to Circular Design

From the clothes we wear to the food we eat, and even in how we interact with each other and our shared planet, we believe...

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dyeing indigo leather natural

Indigo – a deep kind of blue

It has been called “universal”, “mysterious”, “capricious” or simply “beautiful”. Added to the rainbow between blue and violet by Isaac Newton - indigo is much...

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fashion history luxury

Luxury in the 20th century: transformation

The 20th century transformed the world. Revolutions and wars changed the world map and the values of society. People started to perceive themselves in a...

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chrome ecotanning leathertanning

Why you should care about chrome

Does the metal detector make a sound when you go through with your handbag? In any case, an alarm should go off … and not...

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craftsmanship exclusive handmade luxury unique

Luxuria and luxus - the double face

What is your first association with luxury? Luxury is a word that has been controversial for a long time. In Latin there were two words...

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blue thoughts _blue room _blue space

"I am fascinated by Indigo. The deep blue colour is a unique bridge between sea and sky. This artwork focuses on the human interplay with...

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