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"I am fascinated by Indigo. The deep blue colour is a unique bridge between sea and sky. This artwork focuses on the human interplay with the environment. Indigo is the most common and most powerful natural dye and has been used all over the world for thousands of years. With Indigo I can create endless shades of blue. This natural material has taken me to new worlds and far away horizons for many years now.

Each indigo dyed fabric is individual and unique in its shades of blue. The blue of the fabrics and the shaping language of the patterns and forms vary and lead in their diversity through cultures, traditions, times and ways of thinking. Working with indigo continued and continues to this day to exert its unique appeal, fascinating new generations of artists and craftsmen."

Lisa Niedermayr, Textile Artist, Designer, Vienna, Austria

Indigo No 14, Cotton, Indigo, 40x30 cm, Lisa Niedermayr 2016

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